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Abjure the Empire: Homeschool your children

#Homeschool #StopIndoctrination #YourResponsibility

 Everyday for the past two weeks, I have opened up my newsfeed to find, yet again … some form of child abuse/neglect; and the offender … a public-school worker. Whether it be a bus driver or teacher, it just blows me away that parents are still pawning their children off for strangers to raise. The hemming and hawing that parents don’t have the time to raise their children because they have to work is pure laziness. Homeschooling is as easy as 1-2-3. Yes, it may be time consuming, but you should have thought of your child’s best interest before going and having one. If your child gets sexually or physically abused or worse … killed, the blame falls on the parent as well as the actual abuser. 

Whether you are a left leaner or a right leaner, we can all agree that the public-school system does not teach what we believe they should be teaching to our children. For example, although I homeschool my oldest son, we still go through the Florida Virtual School program. This means, that he learns exactly what is taught in a public school BUT I have the opportunity to also teach him the other side of the story. In his US History course, he was being “taught” about the Civil War and then also “learned” about the Holohoax. My son is no idiot and not green to our movement. Now mind you, his teacher that he must call, if need be … is not of the Adamic lineage. After he himself had enough of the white washing of history, he curtly asked his teacher why there were so many lies being taught in his course. The teacher told him “unfortunately, the victors write the history books and you will learn all about that when you get older.” 

Even the resource officers will cower when needed most. We saw that in the Parkland School shooting when the officer, that is to serve and protect and who more than our children needed protecting that day, just stood by, outside the school and never went in and allowed all those students to die. What a coward and shame on every parent that sent their children back into the same situation and Yahweh bless those that woke up that day. 

So, let me get this straight … we irresponsibly have children, then pawn them off the first chance we can get into daycare, pre-k or kindergarten only to have them physically and or sexually abused; and if the teacher or bus driver or too stressed out or preoccupied with their own lives … our kids are left in a hot van/bus to die a horrible death. Even if our kids aren’t abused in any above sort of way, they are fed crap at lunch and taught lies about their own people in order to be grow up and be good lemmings for the federal government. 

No wonder our society as a great people is dying; we have become weak.