Free & Independent Florida NOW!

Florida's Vulnerability

by: Belle Boyd

With the conflict in the middle east warming up, to what appears to be the beginning of a tenacious war in that region, we mustn’t take our focus off of our own nation, Florida. As the majority of the Empire’s military installations are located in the Southern region of the United States, everything that the U.S does politically, leaves our very soil, our families and our friends in Florida vulnerable to retaliation by their victims. 

Recently, two Chinese students have been arrested for taking photographs of the U.S. military defense installation in Key West, Florida. These two arrests are the fourth in recent years to have photographed the Key West installation. One might ask why, two Chinese nationalist students, attending the University of Michigan would take such chances if not to continue the Chinese government’s relentless attempts to spy on the Empire’s facilities.

More and more folks are talking about the possibility of WW3 coming about from the current state-of-affairs and there is no doubt that Russia and China will partner up. Now I am not one to disagree that the U.S. imperialistic government needs a good butt-whooping, but … that facts are that the Southern states make up 44% of the Union’s army even though we are only 36% of the population as a whole. Simply put, how do you kill a snake but to cut off its head, in other words … if another nation wishes to take advantage of the current state-of-affairs, our Southern soil is ripe for the picking. 

General William T. Sherman, Union Army once said, “War suits them, and the rascals are brave, fine riders, bold to rashness … and they are the most dangerous set of men that this war has turned loose upon the world. They … must all be killed or employed by us before we can hope for peace.” He was speaking of our ancestors, our bloodlines, our kith and our kin; Southern heroes.

The sinister politicians in Washington, DC continue to care not for that whom they put in danger. While ((they)) continue to pick at our traditional values, one legislative change after another, take from us the ability to defend ourselves against foreign (Chinese attack, WW3) and domestic violence; one could only conclude that so many Floridians are lemmings that follow blindly like sheep to slaughter. 

Let us not lose sight of what  we are fighting for, a free and independent Florida without any federal intrusion.