Free & Independent Florida NOW!

10 January, Florida's Day of Independence

Written By: Belle Boyd


Today, 10 January, we in Florida celebrate with a sense of aspiration, Florida’s true day of independence.  On this day, in 1861, our ancestors stood against the same tyrannical united States government that we currently find ourselves pushing back against. No matter what the conjecture may be in regards to why eleven states chose to secede from the union, and form the Confederate States of America, the fact is … our ancestors did. 

For four successful years Florida and ten other States were free from the imperialistic reigns of the overlords in Washington DC. 

Let us not forget the sacrifices our families made in order to free Florida from the union government. Of the estimated 16,000 Floridians that fought in the War of Northern Aggression, 1/3 never returned home alive. With most of the men off to war, it was up to the women to care for their families and the family farms. As union soldiers continued to lay waste to farms, burning crops and killing live-stock, Southerners turned to sustenance not typical at the time for consumption, the cowpea or as we call it today the black-eyed pea. This food source was that of which Florida farmers fed their livestock however in the midst of starvation, families took to the cowpea to survive. To remember our people’s struggles during this time, Southerners now have an annual tradition of consuming black-eyed peas on the 1st day of January. 

Fast-forward to the current day and you will find Floridians still fighting to be free from this forced union. Southerners are not cut from the same cloth as those in the North, nor the West. Our traditions are that which make most non-Southerners uncomfortable to even discuss. The majority of our people have a morally Christian compass. We value traditional marriage, hard work and give living our all with Southern grace and manners. None of which you will find anywhere else in this despotic nation. 

From the federal government, Florida continues to be highly-taxed, our God-given right to defend ourselves and our families are demonized and restricted, our children are taught in public institutions that our very way of life is politically unacceptable and/or racist, the acceptance of immoral unions are forced upon our Southern society, third-world invaders are specifically and strategically placed within our borders against the will of the majority, and the list goes on. 

There are those Floridians that refuse to sit quietly knowing our posterity will be forced to accept far worse than what the current state of politics are. The Florida League of the South works daily to nullify all federal intrusion upon our people and secure a promising future for generations of Floridians to come. 

On 10 January 1861, those of which we share bloodlines with, said enough is enough; it is about time, we as a majority due the same.